8 Awesome Photography Questions: Guest Joseph Cristina

There are still issues with video Sync. Still, great show – Enjoy.

Blab Link: https://blab.im/RoshSillars

YouTube: https://youtu.be/n8BKLzDT1Ys

Guest:Photographer Joseph Cristina

8 Awesome Photography Questions Show 07 - Download This Episode

8 Awesome Photography Questions is a supplement show to The Creative Marketing Podcast foreight Creative Professionals. You may check out when the next show is live at https://blab.im/RoshSillars.

Each show, Rosh shares eight questions related to photography. The questions are related to photography equipment, photographers, news, techniques and style.  For more information about the show go to About 8.


Rosh Sillars YouTube Channel 8 Awesome Photography Questions Host: Rosh Sillars

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